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When a Half-Dunce Attacks: Just Flip the Script

Over on, the Commentatorist had the pleasure to be called a "traitor" by someone mistaking themselves for a Conservative but likely an unwitting zombie regurgitating fact-free hate speech from FOX "news." Tony's comment comes after I argue that we need to dismantle global nuclear arsenals instead of spending trillions we don't have on weapons that only heighten the risk of annihilation and provide no security whatsoever.

Comments like this are so numerous and so vapid that we seldom bother to respond. It's a playground-style pissing contest--entirely pointless save for those venting pent-up frustrations about their lives. Likely the authors of such posts would be better served spending their time trying to understand why they are so frustrated with their lives and the world in the first place, but... shit like that takes effort... from your brain... and ... ugh... so hard... will all my redneck friends still love me after I say I don't want to bomb towelheads and build a green economy and shit?

Tony, or whoever you are, what kind of world do you want to live in? Is it more important that your country exist as some sort of Rambo metaphor you can identify with to pet your fragile ego and possibly inflate your undersized penis? Or is it more important that the world be a safe place for our children to live in and actualize their human potential?

Tell us what you want and then state your case, support what you say with facts. We can trade insults all day buddy, but A) we'll get nowhere and B) you'll lose. I'm a dick with a very smart mouth. An unfortunate trait I struggle with every time I try write...

Tony, try to remember that FOX is well known for misinforming it's viewers. Check that here, here and here. They're lying to you and they're not the only ones. All of the major news media are complicit in misinforming you. They are the ones fucking you buddy, they are not on your team.

Perpetual war doesn't make you strong, it makes you weak. It doesn't make you safe, it creates hell. It serves the interests of massive corporations that profit from war, as well as the politicians they control. These interests would rather have the public scared of terrorists and foreign boogeymen than investigating them for their own crimes: sending our young people to die for their profit; rolling back democracy and rights at home and lining their pockets at our expense. In war, everyone loses except the banks that loan to both sides, the politicians that rise to power on waves of fear, and the corporations and people that profit from it all.

What is a traitor? Traitor to what?

The US was founded on non-intervention, you seem to be a traitor against that policy. The US was founded by those opposing imperialism, not trying to create it, you seem to fall on the wrong side of that too. The US expended an appalling amount of blood and treasure to secure peace during WWII. They did that to end war forever. When we engage in wars of choice, in illegal wars of aggression, we are traitors to all those who died as well as to the human rights, international laws, and principles upholding the peace that were won.

I'm a traitor too, because as a citizen of a democracy the government works for me. If the government commits crimes then I have failed in my responsibility to prevent such crimes from being committed in my name, with my tax money, then I am an accessory.

If you support illegal wars (launched by real traitors in the White House) and the killing of millions of innocents, if you support the increase in terrorism that has created--including the creation of ISIS, if you support a nuclear arms race which wastes taxpayer money and doesn't make anyone safer--just adds the risk of a small conflagration or a single idiot causing global catastrophe--then it's you who are a traitor; to your country's founding principles; to basic morality and decency; and to your children's future.

Understand this: If you launch illegal wars that kill millions of people, if you conduct serial regime change operations that leave failed states overrun by terrorists you yourself have funded and armed in the past then expect the people whose countries you have destroyed to hate you. Expect to be called a traitor too, because your speech empowers ISIS, it empowers our war criminals, and it makes the world worse for everyone, "traitor". See how easy it is to throw that word around?

But you don't need a dick like me to call you names and help you create this false you vs. "liberals" reality you live in, what you need is a class in intellectual self defense. Don't let FOX and the rest of the pro-war, pro-bank, pro-government (that's both Democrats and Republicans that serve them) media deceive you and manipulate you into acting against your own self-interests. I suggest you read anything by George Orwell and Noam Chomsky. Be intellectually sovereign and help us all bring criminals to justice and to make peace and prosperity a reality for all.

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