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Another Sad Spectacle. Tech-Wielding Religious Man Using Psuedo-Logic to "Prove" God. Scie

Facebook Group I'm So Blessed Daily put up a video of a religious man explaining the God he believes in. It's actually pretty compelling stuff, especially when he gets to the part about the "Trinity of Trinities" in which he elucidates the tripartite nature of our three-dimensional reality. He explains that:

"If he exists within time, space and matter he's not God. Time, space and matter is what we call a continuum, all of them have to come into existence at the same instant. 'Cause if there were matter but no space, where would we put it? If there were matter and space but no time, when would you put it? You can't have time, space or matter independently, they have to come into existence simultaneously. The Bible answers that in 10 words: In the beginning--there's time, God made the heavens--there's space, and the Earth--there's matter. So you have time, space, matter created, a trinity of trinities there because you know time is past/present/future, space has length/width/height, matter has solid/liquid/gas, you have a trinity of trinities created there instantaneously and the God that created them must be outside of them. If he's limited by time he's not God."

A few thoughts on that:

1) Doesn't existing "outside" of the universe mean the same as "doesn't exist?" What if I were to tell you my faster-than-light interstellar spacecraft existed outside of reality?

2) The Bible doesn't seem to say that God created time, it just says "In the beginning..." reading into that much?

3) You're still arguing for an omnipotent being who's ad campaign was a spectacular failure on every level. Jesus was one guy. How many languages did he speak? Was there any hope he'd be able to deliver God's message to all of the Earth's people and prevent every subsequent religious war ever? Are people still going to hell for choosing the wrong religion when all they have to make their choice is one preacher's word against another? Pretty chancy, you're facing an eternity of all-merciful hell fire if you choose wrong.

The "trinity of trinities" thing has a nice ring to it. It'll kind of dazzle you into half-believing for a moment until you realize none of it is very good evidence to support the veracity of the Bible or the existence of God.

Let's assume God exists outside the universe to create it, does it follow that he'd care about you or I? Later in the video, the speaker also tries to belittle and ridicule the theory of evolution by reducing it to meaning modern life: "Formed by chance," but... Sorry, that's not at all what evolution entails. Billions of years of intelligent adaptation yes. Chance, no.

It's sad isn't it? A man clutching to a science-made microphone to shout "science is wrong!" His religion's origin story is manifestly untrue (and hilariously easy to disprove), but since the origin of the universe is the one thing science can't fully explain, the one thing religion can point to as unexplained by science, he uses it to justify God's existence. Funny that it's only the mechanics of the beginning of the universe that we haven't fully grasped. Not what happened or when--we know that much--just the mechanics. And like all other miracles and acts of God in the past, science will eventually explain that too.

I wonder... what are these people relying on God for? Science explains phenomena you experience daily so well that we can use it to build rocket ships, cancer medicines, art and ITERs. We rely on it for pretty much everything. What do we rely on God for? And how does saying he created the universe help anyone?

What difference does it make whether some omnipotent man-like being or some physical forces of reality created the universe? The result is the same.

I doubt humanity's fascination with God will ever diminish, humans do love to obsess about and express godliness. It seems we've evolved with that... so what does it mean? Do we all sometimes imagine ourselves as supreme beings of immaculate morality living outside of time, space and matter? Might "God" manifest if all people struggled to express the godliness within themselves? Could "God" be an emergent property of man? Could "God" emerge when Homo Sapiens' morality, science and evolution reach their pinnacle? Might our spiritual needs and desires be, in fact, a natural extension of our evolutionary instincts?

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