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Washington Spirit kills Rapinoe protest/American Spirit. Way to go Cowards.

“We respectfully disagree with her method of hijacking our organization’s event.” said Washington Spirit owners/enemies of freedom in an email entitled: Statement Regarding Washington Spirit Decision to Play the National Anthem Ahead of Schedule Tonight."

See the full text below.

Glad to see sports franchises continuing in their fine traditions of suppressing the natural and civil rights of the players that make them all their money. She’s hijacking your event is she? She’s the fucking reason you even have an event dicks.

Here is yet another clear cut case of someone with an actual spine being suppressed by the most fucking spineless. The best part of this farce might be the part where they say they don't want to "tarnish" the tradition of singing the anthem before a match because it's "so important to so many." I'm sorry, but what exactly will happen if she kneels during the anthem? Will the sky fall? Will ISIS spontaneously come to occupy the US presidency? Will all fast food suddenly cease to exist? Tell us, Spirit owners, what is this calamity you are trying to avoid? Singing the anthem is inviolable, while protesting institutional racism that causes numerous actual deaths is a frivolity you can do without is it?

No wonder Americans think they've lost their country. In a freedom-loving world people would appreciate her gesture, they'd be proud of it. She's sending a message and doing what she thinks is right, a message of moral integrity to all those that look up to her--all without actually disrupting anything. The match goes on on schedule. The impact she makes on the actual event is minute, infinitesimal, but the meaning it carries transmits the very spirit of the US's founding principles and its constitution. Kudos on the owners for doing something even more disruptive to actively suppress that. What a shining example of integrity you are to the world Spirit owners, really. Someone should soccer kick their foot in your mouths.

These guys are down to exploit their players bodies for profit, but if they have anything of actual value to say or do - oh no! Now they aren't free human beings, they are the organization's fucking slaves and they are to shut the fuck up accordingly. Again -- I hope this is part of your press kit or brand ID, it's really compelling stuff.

To the owners of the Washington Spirit;

Your letter should read:

"We rescheduled the national anthem because we oppose free speech, protest, US civil rights--pretty much everything that actually makes America great--and because we are money grubbing cowards who don't give a damn about democracy or social responsibility"

Way to dehumanize yourselves and your stars assholes.

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