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Dear Charlie Nicholas. Question Wenger's Team Selection, Not Ospina's Talent.

Dear Charlie,

What part of Ospina's performance did you miss? He made a few errors in distribution, but apart from that, his actual goalkeeping was flawless. It was fucking inspired! Cech is still the more consistent of the two, but he also makes errors. Over the last year, Ospina's record (apart from that mistake at Olympiakos) is, as Wenger puts it, world class.

In your article Charlie Nicholas questions Arsene Wenger's decision to pick David Ospina for Arsenal draw with PSG, you say "The change has been made but to be fair to Ospina he was good all night... It's just strange. I don't see why you take the risk. It's the hardest game they face in their first game of the competition. Go and lay down a marker."

You know what, I agree!

I was baffled by Wenger's choice to continue with a Sanchez up top strategy which has failed pretty miserably so far, especially given the fact he's got two actual strikers to choose from in Giroud and Perez.

But Ospina was definitely Arsenal's Man of the Match, and I would say the best player on the pitch as a whole. Cavani should have put away at least a couple more of his opportunities, but Ospina stopped something like 6 one-on-one opportunities for PSG, he's the game's biggest determinant for that final 1-1 score by far. His performance was nothing short of epic and almost every one of his saves this match will end up in his all-time highlight reel.

Right idea Charlie, you're just criticizing the wrong people.

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