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How Much Does Mark Zuckerberg Control the World? Will He Steal the Election for Hillary?

Look at this post. Is this shit even real? You know what? I hope MZ is anti-Trump and can use his ownership of Facebook to limit Drumpf/Trump's impact. Gavin, like so many people on Earth, must really have high hopes that Mark is a young Liberal that shares their values. But examine his answer, and think that shit through. Are you not just a bit terrified?

What Mark suggests is funny, he might be just responding to a gag questions with a gag answer but there's something sinister lurking in there, am I right? I really hope MZ is not playing THIS an active a role in manipulating our knowledge and discussion.

Yes. Trump is a fucking national embarrassment, but if social media is compromised to expose pretty much the entire citizenry to surveillance by a state guilty of war crimes and responsible for a new-fascist resurgence that endangers humanity I seriously hopes he examines his reasons.

Mark, I don't need you to limit what I know in order to arrive at some conclusion to benefit YOU. Your only hope for human survival lies in making sure the conclusions society arrives at are shaped by the common will. Open minds, knowledge, the power to think critically, and love--these promise a future for humanity. If you're corrupt... fuck man... I hope you're playing for the right side... Mark for president!

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