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Trudeau Tweets Get Canada Banned from North America Rejoinder. It's a Win!

'Member how Commentatorist was super scared Trudeau's serial Twitter face-palms on everything Trump has said and done so far would have terrible repercussions for Canada when the US's unhinged man-baby president declares a Canadian ban for all of North America and deports our Canadian asses off-continent?

Well I have good news.

We thought Trump was gonna be pissed, he does seem thin-skinned doesn't he? But Trudeau seems to be playing the handsome wingman angle--with the added benefit that he can help Trump rehabilitate his image and reputation with women, which might earn Trudeau some favors. Trudeau has already begun seducing Trump with his brand of Canadian feminism and to his additional credit appears to be trying to persuade Trump in Trump's own language: by showing Trump the business case for it. It's quite the coup. We gotta say; Commentatorist are impressed!

Check this video* of Trump treating Trudeau with enormous respect as Trump earns cred among a roundtable of women CEOs and business leaders. Well played.

* To see the video scroll to the bottom of this Globe & Mail article page and look for the video over the heading Trump and Trudeau launch council to promote women in business at roundtable with female executives.

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