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Poor Arsenal; The Best Team in England has The Worst Fans in the World

One wonders how good Arsenal would be if their "fans" weren't constantly undercutting them with morale-draining spectacles, controversy and negativity. At the point the lads had topped their Champions league group and won 3-0 against Chelsea, you'd think these people could put their feelings aside and simply cheer the team to success. But no! The fans think far too much of themselves for that!

These people's antics have become so counterproductive and depressing Paul Merson speculated that they are people who actually want Arsenal to lose. "I think we have got to the point where it doesn't make any difference whether Wenger stays or goes. The season has fizzled out so much now that the fans don't really care any more and they have lost a bit of interest." he said.

Funny, I don't think these fans asked themselves if the team might be doing better were they not constantly undermining them.

If the players are behind Wenger, then why are these people condescending to the players that they know better? Or do they not ask themselves that either?--the fans being so clearly more informed and important than those they claim to "support."

We ask ourselves, How on Earth are you helping the players perform their best? How does your morale-killing spectacle help us win games and cups?

Perhaps these people deserve a pat on the back--from Chelsea!

Can we not think of anything better to get Arsenal in a more winning mentality than telling the lads that their team selection and tactics are going to fail because their manager should be fired? Should we mentally undermine them every single game and then wonder why they are so "psychologically fragile"?! In my opinion, these so-called "supporters" are the very source of Arsenal's psychologically fragility. So thanks for that heroes!

By now it's all devolved to tragi-comedy. The atmosphere become so toxic, the fans even fight each other.

But can you blame the real fans for their frustration? If someone is there trashing your team--that's the enemy. So to the saboteurs calling themselves "supporters" I say: If your actions and attitude help say... the Baggies win, then shouldn't you wear a different jersey?

Even in their failures these people are just sad. I wish the headline from The Sun below made me happy but it's just pathetic.

It's depressing how these "fans" can't understand how big a part of the problem with Arsenal they are. Instead of cheering their team on, every defeatist spectacle they create becomes fodder for countless sports tabloids starved for cheap scandalous click bait--amplifying the negativity further by orders of magnitude.

It's truly unfortunate. Just consider the positives:

With 19 goals already, Theo's on track to have his most prolific season yet; the Ox is already having his--and manifesting a resurgent confidence to boot (see Arsenal's 5-0 domination of Southampton and his brief but fruitful appearance against West Ham); Giroud's the pound-for-pound most efficient striker in the Prem; and well... Sanchez is Sanchez. That little stick of human dynamite has been involved in more goals than anyone in the league.

It really is a fantastic team. It's not impossible for them to become the Premier League's Apex predators. Why not just try getting behind them ALL and seeing what that gets us?

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