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Recreational Animal Murderer Eaten by Croc. Internet Erupts in Joy.

Image from vsmithuk


Y'all need to have a look at the comments section of this Yahoo repost of this BGR article. This poor idiot fuck, a Mr. Scott Van Zyl, is getting zero sympathy. And honestly, why should he? I'm sure in life the man had some redeeming qualities and will be missed by those who love him, but he made his living killing animals, many of which were endangered as you can see on the website promoting his hunting tours, and all purely for fun.

We're sorry, but all you game "hunters" out there need to take note of Van Zyl's demise. If your job description is anything akin to "killing for fun" you are tempting fate. One in which your unarmed prey eats you and millions on the internet mock your stupidity and cowardice.

That's right, cowardice.

100%, pure unadulterated cowardice. Animals don't have guns, scopes or any tools of detection, deception or other doochebagery to help them. You might as well be killing chickens with drone strikes.

A "hunt" is when you genuinely risk your life to kill an animal with the intention of using every bit of the animal for survival. Like what actually brave humans did way back in the day. What you game "hunters" are doing is simply indulging in risk-free murder for kicks.

Imagine somebody killing your mom and then mounting her head in their living room to make them feel like they got a big ol' dick. That's you game "hunters." So quit it. You people are bloody pathetic. Find another hobby, like conservationism, and make yourselves useful. Otherwise, it'll be Darwin awards and worldwide interned infamy for you in the end.

Yahoo, to their credit, have disappeared the comments but we got a screen shot of a few before they took them down. They are pretty harsh.

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