Conrad Clifton's Heavy, Ethereal, Mexican-Drug-Lordy "Prince of Crown Heights" Is One

Conrad Clifton's Prince of Crown Heights sounds like chillax Mexican future trap... the soundtrack to a version of El Mariachi set in the world of Snow Crash.

starkly meditative... alarming... like listening to Brazilian metal in zero gravity or something... Has a track this heavy ever felt so light?

Pure dreamland. A semi-hypnotic coke trip.. a psuedo-violent zen state... Imagine Scarface's Tony Montana curating the soundtrack for his own personal Far Cry world on quaaludes... we're talking coked-out blood dragons in bikinis and mariachis motherfucker.. but then also mellow... a magic carpet ride through a Putumayo compilation... Music From the Coffee Lands?

Get some red wine or tequila in you and this track evokes a bit of everything.. a lil' Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, a lil' Sepultera, a lil' Buraka Som Sistema (I'm feeling Kalembe on this one) some Too Future modernity.. Heady atmospheric shit...

Good track to pump you up in the car on the way to take out the Sinaloa cartel... or when plotting an epic weekend of drug-fueled adventure time... you know shit's about to go down.