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5 Reasons Why WengerOuters Would be the Worst Arsenal FC Club Managers EVER.

1. They Hate Arsenal Culture.

Wenger is always talking about the importance of Solidarity. It's an integral part of the culture he's built up at AFC over 20 years and one of the reasons many great players from around the world come to play there.

The WengerOut people are the opposite of Solidarity, they are self-destruction. They are banner-fliers that undermine the entire team's morale and confidence. Instead of cheering their team on to victory they are telling their team they'll lose because their manager is incompetent. Seems like the thing your opponent's fans would say to make your team lose.

And yet that is their strategy and their culture. To encourage losses to prove they are right and use any media stunt necessary to be seen. Nice to have fans that sabotage you entirely isn't it?

In my opinion, the reason Arsenal hasn't one a title in the last few years (although they did win 2 FA cups and other silverware) is because of these people. Arsenal plays poorly when they look unconfident. Gee, I wonder who is making them feel like that?

2. They are Self-Destructive.

These are the Arsenal "fans" trying get Alexis to leave, who fight other Arsenal fans in the crowd, who create media spectacles of no-show "mass" protests, who vomit their negativity all over Arsenal Fan TV (who are themselves quality people). They make public fools of themselves again and again in self-defeating media spectacles, create an atmosphere of hostility and anxiety at live games, and overall do their damnedest to ensure the club self-destructs. And that would make them right about everything.

Fucking Troglodytes

3. They are Losers.

Not winners, see items 1 and 2 above.

But not only are they losers in that sense, they losers intellectually. They talk as if they know better than the players. Players which enthusiastically back their manager. I'd say that's a little presumptuous, not to mention non-sensibly irrational. None of those people have demonstrated any kind of superior intelligence, so I'm surprised to hear them talk like they know better than the pros. That's you Arsenal Supporters Trust.

4. They are media whores.

These are people who want attention more than anything. The WengerOut meme has spread across social media, generalizing into a population of people who don't particularly care about Arsenal FC. 100,000 people can "like" something, like say a protest to impel Alexis to leave the club, but only 10 actually show up. Put up a WengerOut sign anywhere it's inappropriate and you're bound to get some views. Or why not jump on Arsenal Fan TV and make a nuisance of yourself? Get your fame whores.

5. Arsenal FC is Fucking Awesome.

Go ahead and criticize the players and the manager, but support your team. Rage about their mistakes after the match, but cheer them to victory while they're playing. That's called being a supporter. It's just a game after all, why spend money on a ticket and then go try and make your team lose?

All I know is that Arsenal has spent a significant amount of time at the top of the table over the last 5 years, they have the ability to beat anyone. If they had fans that cheered them to victory instead of undermined morale, I think they'd have had at least a title in that time. I blame you WengerOut.

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