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Alexis!!--Heed Giroud! Lead the New Invincibles and Seal Your Legacy!!

We've heard Alexis might still be staying at the Emirates. No longer pre-occupied with the Confederations Cup, Arsenal's talisman will be evaluating his new contract and the strength of Wenger's reinforcements to determine whether he'll stay or go.

At the moment Wenger is making an excellent case for Alexis to stay. His first two singings Saed Kolasinac and Alexandre Lacazette are undoubtedly first class. But with Kroenke loosening the purse strings and Arsenal in its strongest financial position ever, Wenger looks ready to dip into what would be a 125£ million war chest (at least) to make 2 or more other first-class signings, including the addition of Mbappe to create a "devastating strike force."

If 150-200£ million spent on top class players don't convince Alexis, nothing will. In the last ten games of the season, Arsenal handily won an FA cup against EPL champions Chelsea, plus won 9/10 beating Man City and Man U along the way. The team as it was then could contend for the EPL title, but 3-4 top class additions could turn this Arsenal team into an invincible monster capable of credibly challenging for 3-4 cups. It's a project Alexis could revel in leading, especially considering how a title win could propel them on to Champions League glory.

Have a look at Lacazette's skills

It's a belief Giroud seems to be professing. Recently, the big man was quoted as saying he wants to be a "warrior on the pitch" and that he "would love to win another title" with the team. Could it be he sees Wenger's additions as not just competition but an opportunity to be part of a truly legendary squad? Whatever Giroud's true motives, his attitude is a winner and we can only hope the rest of the squad takes up his call to arms.

To contract rebels and potential signings, including Szczęsny and Oxlade-Chamberlain: take note. A squad that wins a quadruple needs not 1, but 2 first teams. Remember: there's plenty of glory to go around when you're all legends.

We're sure gunners fans across the world agree when we say we hope Alexis stays and believes as Giroud does. A new Invincibles sounds like hyperbole--until it isn't. Add 150 million worth of top-class talent to a squad that already stands a very good chance of winning the EPL and the words "Invincibles", or "quadruple winner" no longer sound as far-fetched.

So how about it Alexis? Can you see yourself leading a new Invincibles? We certainly do!

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