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Iranian "Trumpism" Cartoon Competition Winner Nails It with Depiction of Trump as Cash-Cla

Hadi Asadi, so on point

Artwork by Hadi Asadi

Honestly, what's not to love? Books that reflect Trump's apparent illiteracy, a world visualized as clouds Trump hasn't the foggiest clue about, hair-product flames that reflect his use of incendiary remarks to get attention, c-note vestments analogizing how this "swamp-drainer" has completely sold out, and drool to symbolize this world's-most-powerful man-baby's infantile IQ.

Hadi Asadi states he “...wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” and added that the focus of his piece was on Trump’s “money-mindedness and war monger nature,” but he's done so much more.

Yes... the Nazi colors and textures ARE intentional

Participating in Iran's 2017 International Trumpism cartoon and caricature contest, Asadi has shown us that Iranians aren't the art-hating caricature Trump and his regime-changing ilk would have us believe, and reminded us all of the power of art: which can turn powerful people from unassailable threats of impunity to mere subjects of scorn.

As far as we're concerned, it's exactly what the world needs and what Trump deserves.

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