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Self-Hating Arsenal Fans Boo Alexis for... Being their Best Player?

How does Sanchez put up with it?

Photo credit: Getty Images

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

After all the stupidity the nihilistic collection of vainglorious brain farts that call themselves Arsenal "fans" have displayed over the last couple years, it's no longer surprising when Arsenal's "supporters" collectively fire cannon-shot at their own testes. Honestly, what the fuck are you people trying to accomplish?

Arsenal fans have one talent and one talent only: shooting themselves in the foot.

Though Alexis could prove absolutely critical in the fight to get back into Champion's League places and Arsenal need him playing at his best, the fans boo a player who is coming back from injury and not yet at match fitness.

Well that'll teach him! All Sanchez has to do to avoid being booed is be invulnerable to injury and inhumanely durable.

We'd wager the fans are the reason Sanchez wanted to leave in the first place. The more negativity and idiotic media spectacles Arsenal's woeful camera-loving "supporters" generate the worse Arsenal perform. Is it any coincidence that the year the "fans" were at their worst was the same year Arsenal had their worst season?

There is a correlation, but don't expect "fans" to understand that their woefully embarrassing self-defeating behavior has a tangible negative impact. They're there to get their faces on the telly, not strain their mighty 2-3 brain cells on the mystery of cause and effect.

Meanwhile, parasitic bottom feeding sports tabloids that sustain themselves on the controversy generated by Arsenal's army of fan-clowns laugh their way to the bank. One almost suspects Arsenal's self-declared tormentor-in-chief and human hate-scone Piers Morgan has bought shares in the Mail Online so as to collude with rivals to sabotage the team and line his own pockets/sexually-abused scone orifices.

Amid the morass of nauseating surrender monkeys in blogs and press, the Sun's AFCAMDEN stands practically alone in chastising these hopeless twats for their jeers. In his article, Camden rightly points out that Alexis--the most talented, productive and hard-working player the club has had since Thierry Henry--is not the problem. He also calls on Arsenal supporters to cheer the club. Which is a positive attitude we highly applaud! Hats off to you Sir!

Alexis is not the problem, Negative fans are.

A subset of people determined to be negative no matter what. People whose actual goal is to make the team lose so much they are able to "prove' their point that the team isn't good enough and that Wenger has to go. Where Commentatorist is from that's called sabotage. But hey, suppose you call it "support."

For Wenger, it's a lose-lose scenario no matter what. If he sells Sanchez the fans would riot and brand him a liar and a fraud as they have before when promising not to sell their top player to a top rival. Contradictorily, if he doesn't cash in he is a reckless tyrant financially sabotaging the club for his own sick pleasure. Wenger brings in something like (conservative estimate) 100‎£ million worth of reinforcing talent and makes 30‎£ million of profits for the club on top of that and he's "incompetent." Well, Kolasinac doesn't look incompetent to me. Nor does Lacazette. Nor does the whole fucking team. Nor does the number 30£ million.

We're sorry, but we're just not that pessimistic.

Our food-poisoned youth beat Bayern Munich. Granted that was a friendly but we earlier won an FA cup vs. Chelsea with an improvised defense. We smashed them 3-0 in the days when Sanchez was still happy. We face-palmed them again in the Community Shield, 3 of 4 competitive encounters won. 2 cups. One wonders why the only choice for "fans" is hopelessness. You people are sad. Seriously.

Had we the privilege to go to every game of the season we'd be there supporting Arsenal with a vengeance! We'd be like Arsenal's corner men in a UFC fight! Just as much warriors fighting for the win as we'd expect the team to be! Like... extensions of the team ourselves! Solidarity amplifiers. Epic power sources. Our supporting chants and thunderous voodoo demolishing any fucking opponent!!! Fun times!

But hey call me crazy. Maybe undermining team morale is the way to motivate the team to victory. Just take potential champions and piss in their faces every match for a year. I'm sure that'll get us all many cups.

Sorry Negative fans but it is YOU who are crazy. Stop hating on your boy Alexis here. He's one of the top top talents on the planet and has done so much for the team. This Sanchez human is a machine. If you want to win, fire him up, don't block him.

Sanchez saves club; fans turn around and destroy it.

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