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Paul Merson's Combined XI Pick Seems to Overlook Arsenal's Dominance of the Past Year.

Merson spends a lot of time there, apparently

Sad human potato and self-appointed Arsenal nemesis Paul Merson has gone off his meds again. The former Gunner and admitted Chelsea supporter recently picked a combined XI on Star Sports and his formation looks like this:

Merson didn't hold back in his wilting assessment saying that "Alexandre Lacazette has done OK but he's not a better finisher than Morata," and that he's "... picked a team to win a football match, not a fantasy side based on technical ability."

But if that were the case Merson would have taken reality into account. In the last year Arsenal won 3 of 4 competitive encounters .Arsenal won 3-0 in the league. They won the FA cup in a dominant display that resulted in a scoreline of 2-1--which was very kind to Chelsea considering how many other goals Chelsea came to within a hair of conceding. The score could very well have been 5-1.

Arsenal needn't worry themselves about Merson's opinions. Merson has long been a massive pessimist when it comes to his former club. He had an apocalyptic meltdown after Arsenal's heavy loss at Anfield, calling them "pathetic" and "embarrassing." As a Chelsea supporter, he has disparaged the Gunners before a game in the past. You might remember Merson predicting a "comfortable" 3-1 win for Chelsea in the FA Cup final. The point is, not only is Merson often wrong, his opinions are so outlandish and ignorant he's often publically ridiculed for them.

Judging from the last year, there is no reason Arsenal can't get another win.

Commentatorist predicted outcome: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

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