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Former UN Pro-War Crusader and Human Swiffer Sweeper John Bolton Wants to Derail Iran Nuclear Deal.

Doesn't this guy get tired of being laughed out of the room?

Former UN Ambassador and 8,000 year old warmonger John Bolton is up to his old tricks again and the internet is not pleased.

Bolton, who advocated fiercely for the illegal war on Iraq, the illegal regime change in Libya, war with Cuba (also for WMDs that didn't exist), and nuclear war with Iran has always been strenuously opposed to the Iran Nuclear Deal--despite the US's top general stating that it works and that Iran is in full compliance.

Bolton was going to give Trump a proposal to kill the deal, but now that he's been shut out of the White House after Steve Bannon's firing, Bolton has published his proposal online, likely in the hopes that Trumps raging base will pressure him into implementing Bolton's strategy.

But rather than loud cheers and support, Bolton is getting the internet equivalent of tomatoes and shoes thrown at his head. Have a look at the comments that appeared on Yahoo's page for the story:

(Apologies for the long list, we're just trying to show that we're not cynically excerpting isolated opinions and that there are actually huge numbers of disgusted people pissing on him.)

Heartening stuff.

No really, just look at the sheer volume of people calling John Bolton a warmonger and war criminal, doesn't that really cheer you up? Look at how badly he's being ridiculed! We love it! It seems things like common sense, and outrage that war criminals like Bolton are walking free are really catching on.

And they should, almost every policy this withering neanderthal has proposed has been a complete disaster for America and the world. They pit us into conflicts we don't need or want, bankrupt our nations, and to our great shame commit war crimes that kill millions of innocents in our names.

People who lie to promote war have to be ridiculed, stripped of all power and legitimacy and their evil plans stopped. And the best way to block these cocks from raping the planet is to expose their crimes to public ridicule (and arrest them for war crimes).

John Bolton, you clown, the public has spoken.

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