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Praise due! Aries' new dreamy lament, "Genie" is tasty juice-blended hip-hop, blues an

Genie by Aries

Why don't you drizzle some emo-hop on that future bass?

Emotive and surprisingly eclectic, Aries' Genie is a blues-y, lamenting, future bass track woven through the landscapes you'd see in something like an Enya and Kid Cuti trip through Alice in Wonderland--or maybe Atlanta on acid.

Like a fairytale, the track starts off with a rueful "I wish, I wish, I wish," childishly lamenting all that can't be redone and all that's lost before traipsing through vivid emo-hop poetry that expresses both heartbreak and tongue-in-cheek creative confidence.

The emotional carousel turns as we feel the exhaustion of "stress alone burn my calories," to the exasperation in "she say what I say ain't right" to bitterness in "she made it easier for...." as the emoter confronts what is unrequited, irreconcilable.

Despite the emotional weight, the track stays dreamy with visual lines like "I turn around cause all my bygones do me goodbyes" and evocatives like "make sure you walk on water before you burn that bridge" keeping the mind's eye just as engaged as the heartstrings.

Aries' virtuosic production here carries these vocals amazingly. The bent genres and eclectic samples creating something smooth and new. The lyrics, too, are impressive not just for their poeticism but for their vulnerability and disregard for convention.

Honestly, we have no idea how to classify this track. Is it future bass? Is it "emo-hop"?

All we can say is the shit is hot. Git on dat.

Genie on Soundcloud.

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