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If Arsenal Fans Knew What Giroud and Pochetino Do, Arsenal Would Be Tops

Photo credit: Pochetino-Reuters, Giroud-Getty Images.

Photo credit: Pochettino-Reuters, Giroud-Getty Images.

It's crazy.

Though serious professionals with actual skills and knowledge like Olivier Giroud and Pochettino sing Wenger's praises and insist the Arsenal team is something special, the fans just won't hear it. It's amazing--and an insult to the intelligence of the Arsenal team--that Arsenal's negative fans insist their voices take precedence over that of actual professionals.

Giroud could have left the team. He's wanted by Everton and Bayern Munich. But what does he do? He shows solidarity for Arsenal and belief in the team and Wenger. What is he doing? Winning accolade after accolade while patiently trying to explain to the lay man that to win cups, you have to be positive. POSITIVE GOD DAMN IT!!!

Well, good luck Giroud. Sadly, the Brits were never known for their sunny dispositions.

First of all, hats-off to Giroud, this gentle giant is a true Arsenal hero. Could you ever imagine such a terrifying striker would have such a gentle heart? Watch any of his interviews and you'll see instantly that this man is just an absolute sweetheart. A man of true quality.

Giroud is an Arsenal centenial goal scorer, Pustas-winner, and French National Team first-choice striker. Should I believe the opinion of some drunk hater in the stands over his? No. No! And I say a million fucking times no!!

Olivier Giroud scored his 100th goal for Arsenal in September in Europa league action versus BATE Borisov. He recently won the Pustas Award for best goal in the world for 2016. Now feast your eyes on this football mastery:

(I do hope you noticed how Giroud started the whole move with a backheel and finished it with one as well. Giroud is pure filth. Seriously. Style and grace incarnate.)

Giroud also won October goal of the month for his goal versus Red Star Belgrade.

Giroud's ridiculous highlight reel is not the only thing he deserves praise for, there's also the matter of his mental attitude;

Not only has he provided us all with an incredible century of goals, but he's also always been a positivity leader, and shown incredible solidarity for the team. Any time he is interviewed, his focus is always on the team. Despite being used as a sub, Giroud welcomes competition, like any true warrior would, and is happy to fight for his place. He shows true love for Arsenal, a warrior spirit, and a champion's ethic. One just wishes Arsenal's fans could show the same. Could you imagine the change in atmosphere? In energy? 90% of success is projection after all, so why can't these fucking losers project any winning mentality? They really are the Cersei Lannisters of football. You bitches!

And although we dwell on Giroud, Wenger and the Arsenal squad get enormous respect from top managers across the world, the latest being none other than Mauricio Pochettino who says not only that Wenger is "special" but that he wants to emulate his success. But hey, let's not let the opinion of top professional--manager of both of a perennial Arsenal arch-foe and of the Tottenham team that recently impressively won 3-1 win over Real Madrid--sway us. Let's be convinced by the 5 lads in the Emirates parking lot organizing a "protest".

There's nothing so tragic and self-defeating as a negative Arsenal fan. Witness how they turn on Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, true world class talents that could work miracles for the team. How they willfully sabotage their own team to be seen in the media. Here are people paying good money to go to matches to try and make our top talent feel as bad as possible. Then, after they sabotage the team, they get angry that the team lost!! Talk about cognitive dissonance!! You couldn't teach an Arsenal fan to stop kicking himself in the teeth to save their lives! We'd like to tell these people that everything would get better, and their their team too, if they took a more positive approach, but... hey!--We wish God were female too so...

For Giroud, and the rest of the Arsenal faithful/warrior class, there's the matter of projecting a winning attitude and winning. Looking at this team, we see a team that is the strongest since the Invincibles. Wenger said as much when he said "It’s long time since we had so much quality.” We'll be positive--and fiercely so. There's everything to gain, and really nothing to lose. So, why the fuck not?


If you haven't fallen in love with our beautiful caveman yet, watch his acceptance speech for his Pustas Award. It'll melt your heart.

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