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Mike Dean Is Refereeing the North London Derby!! Someone KO Bellerin!! Everything WILL BE LEGAL!!

Watch Mike Dean cheer and fist pump in not 1 but 2 examples of his blatant preference for Tottenham.

Will Mike Dean Celebrate a Spurs Goal? exclaims The Sun!

How could he not!?

Mike Dean is going to love refereeing the North London Derby!!

Wenger had a lot of gall complaining about the 2 Man City players clearly offside in their recent loss, now Dean can kill two birds with one stone by supporting his preferred team with his decisions while punishing Wenger for daring to criticize unprofessional officials.

It will be so fun to see Arsenal fans cry as Dean red cards half their team! Maybe somebody will give Bellerin his 2nd flying elbow KO and make it clear that anyone can foul Arsenal with impunity, even cripple their players--with total impunity. Fun, fun, fun!

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