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Arsenal Anti-Fan And Human Condiment Bag Piers Morgan Finds New Way To Sabotage Own Team: Demoralizi

Original image: Getty Images

Ah, Piers Morgan... a literal human diaper of wisdom. As an Arsenal shareholder who professes to prefer Chelsea, you have to think he's either a mole trying to sabotage Arsenal from the inside, a terrible self-hating sadist, or so terribly desperate for attention he'll sabotage his own potential financial gains by attacking his own club. He could be patently insane but could his motives be pure? Well sure, especially if he were the monumental idiot we suspect him to be.

Yes Piers, it was a dismal loss to Bournemouth at Vitaly Stadium, but why single out Lacazette for criticism? The team didn't get him the ball! To his credit, Lacazette worked his ass off and dropped deep to get the ball forward to other players on numerous occasions. He didn't score, but it's not for lack of quality or effort. His work rate was top notch.

Does Piers really believe he'll improve Lacazette's performance and confidence by turning on him publicly? Does he believe he'll get a return on his investment in Arsenal FC by shitting on the club so frequently he can actually qualify as the club's chief perennial nemesis? Of course he does!

Let's remember, this is the same "fan" who predicted a "comfortable" 3-1 win for Chelsea in the FA Cup final, who thought Yaya Toure couldn't score or create goals, who thought Thierry Henry was British and whose opinions are so outlandish and ignorant he's often publicly ridiculed for them. Unsurprising then that someone who is wrong about basically everything takes such a counter-productive approach to team motivation, financial success, and quite possibly life.

Good work Piers!

You're doing such a terrific job, we think you'd also like you to improve Connor McGregor's performances by going to insult him in person. We'd absolutely love to see the results! See you in the headlines soon!

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