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Cashmere Cat 9's "Night Night" Featuring Kehlani Is Fuzzy Symphonic Bliss

Photo by Patrick Crowley

Leave it to Norwegian pop alchemist Cashmere Cat's to craft us a track as mellifluous and transporting as "Night Night." It's hard to understate the genius of Cashmere's mixing here. The transition from Kehlani's sweet vocoded laments into a latticework of string quartets and choral voices is worked so smoothly it leaves one feeling starry-eyed weightless. Cashmere Cat has worked magic here; from elements unconventionally exotic and complex shaping something sweet, soulful, and seductive.

Night Night isn't the only gem on Magnus August Høiberg's (AKA Cashmere Cat) newest record 9. Just as he did with Wolves, where Høiberg worked his magic on tracks from pop firmament fiixtures Lana Del Ray, Drake, and 2 Chainz, Høiberg has reprised his role as pop futurist on 9 with a tantalizing set of artists comprising Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and the aforementioned Kehlani. Although some of 9's songs go beyond the unconventional to experimental, quite a few of the tracks, like The Weeknd's Wild Love, will have you blissed out to the point you'll just keep them on repeat.

Cashmere Cat 9 album cover

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